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Maison Planàterre Shyshit, un duo infantile de clowns défraîchis sentant les couches débordantes de caca et donnant la fringale de tampax souillés. J'exagère à peine. Pour les besoins de ma page franco, j'ai choisi comme Titre favori "J'aime bien les pénis plein de caca", mais tous les Titres en anglais atteignent ce même niveau de contenu 'délicious' & 'delightful'. À vos assiettes et régalez-vous (d'ouananiches sauteuses odorantes de d'sous d'bras)!

"J'ai frette": Favorite track: J'aime les pénis plein de caca.
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released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Shyshit Montréal, Québec

We were the two founding members of ''The Supremes''. Back in 1958 we were kicked out by the band manager just before our Afghanistan tour called ''If it has tits, kill it" ... apparently we weren't "cut out" for the job...
After that, a new band called "The Beatles" stole our songs and became famous. So now, 50 years later, we are angry, and poor.
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Track Name: Shit Mountain
We are the shit craving disciples of the tenth order of the colon god
We march! We march!
We walk, we walk!
We are moving towards Shit Mountain.
Colon the barbarian!
He rained creamy slimy shit
For centuries of fecal devastation
We climb, we climb!
We hail , we hail!
We bow to you, O Shit Mounain!
We bow, we bow,
we are not worthy of such a divine browness!
Track Name: I'm a fat, crippled, black, woman.
I can't get a job!
Track Name: Circumcision
I'm a jew, let me cut your balls!
Track Name: Hey kids! Bring me a beer.
In the morning I go to the fridge and open a beer
I kick my kids in the face cuz they're in my way
I open my beer and spill it on my wife
''Bitch go get me another!''
Beer for me! Beer for my dog!
Beer makes me beat my wife
Beer forever!
Beat my wife
Love my dog
Rape my kids.
Track Name: Scrotumatic 2000
It's brand new, technology beyond this world
It's coming to your town: The scrotumatic 2000!
This is a must have apparel
It's a sin not to have one
Hear it pump! Hear it stomp!!
Listen to our satisfied customers:
''Since I won a scrotumatic 2000 my life is awesome''
Now you can't deny it the scrotumatic 2000 is for you.
Here's another satisfied customer:
''Don't buy it!! It ruined my life!!''
''Hey you!!!'' PIF PAF
Fuck....oh well....
Available at Wallmart, K-Mart, Shit-Mart, Puke-Mart, Piss-Mart,
Mart-of-shit, Gay-Mart, Fuck-My-Mart, Martha Stewart, Ass-Mart, Dick-Mark
et Squirt-mart.
Track Name: LOL
Lol, wassup!
OMG U Suk!
I own U
U suxor
U R fuxor
U R Gayness
Track Name: If it can bleed, it can breed.
If it can bleed, It can breed! If it can bleed, It can breed!
You dont' have to shave your pubic hair because you don't have any!
Track Name: Can I show you my penis (part I)
Can I show you my penis? (dick, cock!)
I like to show you my dick, my teeny, weenie, glory!!
Track Name: I cum so hard, my dick is considered a machine gun.
Sorry, I'm fucking you right now
I haven't fucked for ten years
When I will cum, my dick will turn into a machine gun!
Oh shit you are dead.
Track Name: Atchoum!
My dick is fat! Your ass is fat! Let's fuck all night...
Touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your body....
Angel of death you are my....

Ah tabarnak!
Track Name: Japana
Everybody in Japan looks the same
But I would still fuck a japanese
Even though they sensor their genitals
A nintendo pussy is funny
Sony is a gay company
I wanna rape a manga cartoon
Their dicks are so small
Their chicks are so tight
No wonder their dicks are so small
Their cuisine is not too bad
For my cat.
What about having a circle on your flag?
Hahahah, hi futo na matachini chito!?

Japan is so gay!
They wanna be hot, but they are not...
Their chicks are hot, but they are not..
Japanese cars make americans think they are hot, but they are not!!
Track Name: Neglected Feet
My feet smell like shit
My socks run away
My shoes look like a roman ruin
The stench ruined my pants
My toenail are discusting
A feast buffet for vermins
I'm so ugly, I'm so smelly
Can you imagine how my dick smell?
My feet smells bad
I jerk my dick between my toes
And I smelled my dick
Hey! Pa pa pa pa!
Track Name: Heavy Metal
Heavy metal!
Very heavy metal!
Goddamn very heavy metal!
Muscle stretching goddamn very heavy metal!
Track Name: Satan's Garagist
I am a garagist but I'm dead
I raped so many teens that I'm in hell
Everything is expensive here...
So I need a job
Satan needed to fix some things
I became his garagist
''My Ford Windstar's tires are tired, fix it!''
I pumped the tire with coffee air and layed them down on a pillow
''My trident has split! It's now a sixdent, fix it!''
I chewed some trident gum and sticked the trident back with the trident gum.
Track Name: Mulletmen
Mulletman has a mustache and a mullet
I like lottery, I like flee markets.
Track Name: Urethra Worm
Fat worm up your cock
Sodomized uretha
You want to piss out the worm
A! OU! You suffer when you piss.
Track Name: Ode To Farts! (gone wild)
The true essence of men
When they are liquid
Modern art in my shorts
Better than picasso
Surprise surprise!
You can't feel it when it's coming
''oh, oh no, oh no!!''
I don't want to walk too much
I might spoil the masterpiece
Because I want to hang it outside
So the neighbors can appreciate my farts gone wild
I'll take a picture and put it on deviant art.
Track Name: Smoking is killing me
Smoking is killing me!
Nicotine owns my erection, my lungs are dead
I can't fuck with my liver!
I'm the cancer, I'm gonna kill you
I'm the heart attack, I'm gonna kill you!
Track Name: Robozorz!
Robozorz! Robozorz!
A new hero has arrived, meet Robozorz
''I am Robozorz''
The ultimate mighty power, Robozorz, Robozorz!
He flies, he runs, he kills, he cooks, he sleeps, he farts, he cums!
The ultimate mighty power!
Fights with guns, lasers, dildos!
(Mighty power, mighty power)
If your parents don't buy it for you steal them!
Throughout the universe!
Robozorz, robozorz, robozorz, robozorz!!
Buy it now.
Track Name: Your Doorbell is Gay
Ding dong! NOT dingne dongne!
Your doorbell's gay, your doorbell's gay!
I don't suck dicks so I won't ring your doorbell
But you are fucking gay and you will answer the door even if ou don't hear shit
You recorded your doorbell, you looped it on a CD
and you masturbate on it!
Ding Dong!
Track Name: I'm so Gay, I recycle.
I'm so gay I like to recycle
I like to put cans in my asshole
I'm so gay and when I recycle I have to suck on some things.

Dululu dululu dululu dululu

Listen to Mr.Moustache:
Don't recycle, thats fucking gay!
Back in the days you were able to suck you own dick
Now you are gayer and you really want to recycle
So you managed to be so flexible you could suck your own asshole
This is probably the gayest thing I ever heard
You must die.
Track Name: Fat But Fuckable
Tired to beat my meat,
I'll get drunk as a fuck
So ugly gets pretty
Nice chicks are too much work
Ugly are easier
Hope I get a boner
She's fat! But fuckable
So desperate she'd take it inside her asshole!
She's fat! But fuckable
I'll fuck her ass with her face down in coal.
Track Name: Batman
Crushing bat balls with a baseball bat
Cavern screams from a bat ball operation
Sonic balls from another planet
Joe DiMaggio has a fuking big bat
Homerun bat, fucking bat run home
Guano on my bat lubs my penetration
In that fucking bat
Go take a bath!
Batman is in your bath!
What a fucking gay
Still with his stockings
Robin already has a boyfriend
Track Name: Trace de Brake
Trace de brake
Bobette blanche
Trace de brake
Pas de papier!
Trace de brake
Grosse poutine!
Trace de brake
Track Name: Fucking a Kangooroo
Tapetipetape, tapetipetape, tapetipetapetitpetapetipe, tapetipetape!
Fucking a kangaroo, fucking a kangaroo! U!
Track Name: Vagina JC
Vagina JC
Track Name: Gothic+Vagina=Fat
A! You are fat and you dress in black! A!
B! Fuck you're huge, you look like a black chauldron! B!
C! Greasy sweaty make up face! C!
D! Cradle of filth has one too! D!

Dressed in black, you are fat! You are huge, gotta puke! (repeat)
You look like a chauldron, I wanna make soup
You provide the grease, I add the vegetables
You look like a black pig (Oink oink oink!!)
Your armpits smell like shit.
Track Name: Rage Against The Engine
You're gonna die, you're gonna die!
A bullet in your ass.
Gays on parade!!
Track Name: Cytherea
Track Name: Happy, Happy!
Happy, happy, happy! My wife cheated on me
Happy, happy happy! I just lost a million
Happy, happy happy! My house is on fire
Happy, happy happy!My girlfriend is fat.
Track Name: Analphabits
Hey kids! Would you like to bite into some juicy shit?
A, B, C, for you and me!
Become a fully grown imbecile like jared! Jared?
''Beuuleu, Bliih. Chibeuweu!''
Eat shit stay fit!
Track Name: Chinese Salesman
''Shit I'm stone....stone? I need a magic stone''
''Welcome to my store, we sell plenty good items,
ranging from buddha dolls to magic rocks''
''Magic rocks?''
''Come with me, I will show you''
I'm on crack, I need a magic rock
I'm gonna crush your face!
''Magic not for bad people like you, you evil man!''
Fucking chinese, I need my magic rock, you must die!
''Now bow to the ultimate power of Zen Moo, the godd spirit of wisdom and purity,
now you fucking die''!
Chinese salesman wins!
Track Name: Coloscopy (or colonoscopy)
Coloscopy! Six feet camera up your sorry ass
Coloscopy! Crazy protologist, he likes his job!
Track Name: Banana Dick
Disembowelment of a teen virgin slut!
Slip on my dick!!
Track Name: THE Morning Erection
Shit! I have a morning erection
''Hi, I'm Mr.Dick, the dickest dick!''
But at least I brought back something to fuck from last night
''I'm going to get laid''
Wht you didn't realize is that you brought back your grandmother.....!
Track Name: Tampax Steak Grill
'Hey that was a great tampax BBQ, I' m so full''
Shark: I want it
''Me too! What do we do with the last one?''
''Let's feed the sharks!!''
Shark: I got it!
Mioum mioum, Delicous!! Mioum mioum, Delightful!
Track Name: You don't need to have a Toblerone dick to fuck an egyptian chick.
Pyramid pussy!
You try to fuck an egyptian chick with your cylinder dick
The pyramid pussy invokes Amon Ra
It comes out as a toblerone dick!
You don't need to have a toblerone dick to fuck an egyptian chick!
Track Name: Poor Flavor
Paella: Poor flavor
Sangria: Poor flavor
Tortilla: Poor flavor
Pina Colada: Poor flavor
Gaspacho: Poor flavor
Vagina: Good flavor!
Track Name: I use a dead hippie as a carpet in my living room.
Dead hippie on the floor
So useful: I wipe my feet.
I'm sick of your poems
So useless, now sniff my feet.
Track Name: Rubberband Pussy
Rubberband pussy!
My new girlfriend is so flexible
She's like inspector gadget
Slinky ass and a rubberband pussy!
Three feet body, eight feet arms
But the best part: I can stretch her rubberband pussy!
Bouncing my dick, making music
Feels like fucking a squid
Slapping her tits, the tits stretch to Nigeria
And I keep fucking her rubberband pussy!
I cum on the pussy, it slingshots my cum back to me
I have been auto-cumshoted.
Track Name: I Dropped An Anvil On You Foot
I dropped an anvil on your foot
I did it on purpose because you're gay
You wore sandals but I did it anyway
While the anvil was on your foot , you were my favorite punching bag.
Track Name: J'aime les pénis plein de caca
J'hais ca quand je fourre une fille dans le cul
pis son cul est plein de marde, pis son cul est plein de marde!
Fourre mon caca, fourre mon caca
Mon caca se sent seul quand t'es pas là
Fourre mon caca, fourre mon caca
Tu sens pas mon caca quand t'es pas là.
Track Name: Cream Metal
I love cream metal
It's so wonderful
I blend my metal
Like I cream your asshole
Track Name: Daddy's Special Someone
Sad birthday you fuck, sad birthday cripple
Sad birthday, Sad birthday, Sad birthday, fuck you
''One more time!!''
Sad birthday retard, Sad birthday you fuck
You get fucked up the ass cuz you can't run away.
Track Name: King Penis
Can't stay here forever
My owner never shaves my crotch
I can't stand the stench any longer
I'll rip away and hurt the bastard
Free at last! Onward to my dick supremacy
Now it's time to build my army
The phallic elite of the penis age
Orphan dicks, baboon testicules
Jewish dicks, circumcision waste!
As an emperor I have a royal perfume
A bottle of Celine Dion's cashmere pussy juice
To top it all, my army's general is Ron Jeremy's ice cream cone dick.
Track Name: Our new singer is much better
Yeah power metal!!!
''Faggot'' ''Yeah!!'' ''Dick''!
Blood and death. Power rape
I'm so cool in my death metal band.
Track Name: Punk Cock
Punk cock, punk cock, k solo.
Track Name: Fuck American Viking Metal
I live in California, I'm gay cuz I never saw snow!
I think I'm a viking but I live in America
Shut up! Vikings belong to Scandinavia!
Track Name: Can I show you my penis (part II)
I really wanna show you
Show me
Show you, show me,
Show you just a part of my penis
Track Name: I Masturbate My Rattlesnake
I masturbate my rattlesnake
Track Name: Restaurant Moron
Fuck you suck, piece of shit
''I love you babyyyyyy''
Piece of fuck, you suck shit.
Track Name: Good Morning
When the alarm fuking rings
And I'm still drunk from last night
I have my head up my ass
I forgot to shit last night
I barfed inside my rectum
My teeth are now brown clean!
Yeah! My head hurts
It's gonna be, fucking worst!
Jehovah witnesses, phone surveys
Starving cat, big fat fucking neighbors fucking!
It's gonna be, fucking worst!
Track Name: Fistfuck
Fistfuck, fistfuck!
Get your fistfuck today!
Track Name: Cooking Babies
You have to shop your baby
You have to chop your baby
You have to stuff your baby
And put it into the oven
And your baby is ready! BING!